El claustro docente de OBS Business School está formado por profesores en activo y de prestigio internacional



Our faculty, designed from a global perspective, is key for the learning experience we provide, since they can offer both real business knowledge and the academic expertise necessary for the integral formation of our students. All professors are practitioners from companies and institutions, both national and international.

More than 450 professors and active professionals from more than 25 different countries.
Proven experience of Program Directors and personalized mentoring from our professors.
Degree with practical value that responds the professional needs of companies.

Welcome to OBS Business School!

I am honoured to address you as the dean of the 1st 100% online business school in Spanish. Our main mission is to train managers and professionals who want to boost their careers and become leaders of change.

In a context where change is the only constant thing in our lives, at OBS we adapt the content of each of our programmes to highlight the importance of innovation and continuous improvement, all while being endorsed by our Academic Partners: The University of Barcelona (UB) and UNIE University.

Under this paradigm, we must learn to adapt and reinvent ourselves in an agile and effective way, which is why our Academic Faculty is made up of more than 450 practitioner professors who know the intricacies of the business world from the inside and can offer first-hand knowledge of market trends.

At the same time, we provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to anticipate said change through the Student ON methodology, a pedagogical model that allows students to learn in an entirely online environment that simulates the complex professional world we face every day in companies.

Let me invite you to be part of this experience, where you will also have the support of a network made up of more than 39.000 professionals who have found the perfect work-life balance without having to discern between one or the other.

It will be a pleasure for us to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Thank you for trusting OBS Business School.

Dr. Casilda Güell
Dean of OBS Business School

Discurso inaugural de la Decana de OBS Business School, la Doctora Casilda Güell