Metodología de OBS Business School


La metodología Student ON de OBS se centra en el estudiante impulsando su desarrollo profesional en un entorno 100% online

Our STUDENT ON methodology is an innovative teaching model where the core is you, the student. A professional who is always connected to current affairs, a leader in the business world and in constant pursuit of excellence. A student who is active and connected to grow and inspire society. Always backed by internationally renowned practitioner teachers, who share their knowledge and experience, promoting your professional development in a 100% online environment, with an agile, flexible and collaborative method that allows you to reconcile work and personal life.

Program Managers

STUDENT ON's fundamental pillar is the student. That is why at OBS Business School we provide personalised monitoring throughout the academic year in which you, the student, can count on the support and tutoring of your Programme Manager.

The Program Manager is an academic figure who will guide and accompany you throughout your training at the school to give you the best experience: providing you with information about the institution, processes, deadlines, exams, workshops and additional activities and answering all your queries.

En los Másters de OBS se estudian y analizan estudios de situaciones reales del entorno empresarial

Case Studies

In the various modules of the Master's programmes, you will study and analyse studies of real situations in the business environment, facilitated by our practitioner professors, so that you can apply all the knowledge you have acquired to decision-making.

Desarrolla las diferentes habilidades directivas en los Talleres de los Másters de OBS


You will develop the different skills you need in terms of communication, management and negotiation for your professional growth. Some of the workshops are: mindfulness and stress management, management skills, among others.

Los alumnos de OBS realizan un Business Plan como Trabajo de Fin de Máster

Business Plan

All OBS students, during the academic year, carry out the Master's Final Project within the framework of a real and current company, through which they complete their learning process by applying all the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the year.

Desarrolla tu pensamiento crítico a través de la participación en Debates de calidad.


In addition to enhancing your professional skills, you will develop your critical thinking through participation in quality debates. In these, we promote synergies between the different knowledge and experiences of students and teachers.