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When we think of our career plan, we think of challenges, goals and, above all, professional development. Crossing a finish line requires perseverance, effort, commitment and a team to accompany you along the way. Your professional career is not a race for time, it is a lifelong process that requires dedication, attitude and enthusiasm.

At OBS we accompany you on the path you choose to take in your professional career. We help you analyse your goals and develop the path that will lead you to achieve them. We guide you, motivate you and provide you with the tools to take your career as far as you can dream.


Employability in figures

Employability rate

Students who are working 1 year after finishing their master's degree

Positive impact OBS

Say that their time at OBS has been key in his development

Job offers

Have had new employment opportunities after finishing at OBS

Salary increase

See salary increments after completing the programme

A support for every moment of your career

Career processes are very diverse, which is why we have designed different services for the different professional moments a person goes through. By means of a detailed analysis of your career and your future prospects, you will be able to choose between the services and activities that suit you best.

These are organised into two main areas: Employability, focused on improving your chances in the labour market, and Entrepreneurship, to give you support in the start-up or growth of your project.

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Employability Services and Activities

This is the wide range of possibilities that we offer you in the area of Professional Careers:

Entrepreneurship Path

19.2% of our students are entrepreneurs. So if you are planning to start your business or want to become a benchmark within your organisation, we offer you a pathway to work on the skills, acumen and growth mindset needed to identify new opportunities. Whether your project is at an early stage or in a growth phase, you will be able to polish your business idea to submit your candidacy for the OBS Entrepreneurship Award.


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Entrepreneurship in figures


Of our students are entrepreneurs

Influence of the school

OBS has contributed to the creation or the development of their company


Of our students claim to have acquired new knowledge


Has increased its network of contacts

Employment Report

Professional development is one of the three fundamental pillars on which our philosophy as a business school is based. For this reason, every year we carry out a study on the employability of our students and the impact we have as an educational institution on their professional growth.

We invite you to see the results of the latest edition!


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Do you want to recruit talent?

We bring you closer to candidates from a diverse community of professionals from different sectors and profiles ready to meet the needs of your company.

Our network of partner companies in different countries allows us to keep abreast of trends in different markets. These are the activities in which our partners can participate in order to access professionalised profiles and disseminate their organisational work:

- Company

- Networking Spaces

- Employability events

- Academic activities



Looking for Opportunities?

If you are a student or alumni, at OBS we offer you the opportunity to discover more than 20,000 job offers globally, as well as access exclusive recruitment events and enjoy advice on how to access the multi-sector job market.

Ready to boost your career? Don't hesitate to take a look at the offers on our job portal.

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