Executive Coaching, servicio exclusivo para alumnos y alumnis de OBS

Executive Coaching

Enhance your management skills

Executive Coaching is a personal and professional development service that will help you to acquire a better understanding of your skills and abilities to face challenges. During this process, the coach will guide you in achieving your objectives through the design and execution of an action plan which, combined with the appropriate training, will allow you to maximise your talent and effectiveness in team management.




The exclusive and free coaching service offered by the OBS Careers department is addressed at students and Alumni with senior profiles, who are seeking to optimise their maximum professional and personal potential. Thanks to this service, they will be able to discover how to face new challenges and/or manage transformation processes in their career.

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74,3% obtiene un ascenso laboral después del Máster
Improve well-being and performance
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Develop leadership abilities and skills
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Learn to adapt to different situations
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