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OBS Executive Meetings

Connected to the business world

We invite you to discover the OBS Business School's Executive Meetings, talks in which the dean of the school, Dr. Casilda Güell, interviews leading figures from the business world who share with us their experience and know-how on different current issues related to management and innovation. These meetings seek to inspire, reflect and bring together knowledge from top-level experts from different sectors and markets.

On this page, you can find all the videos of the latest sessions, as well as direct access to more detailed information on each meeting.



Gasilda Güell, decana de OBS Business School, será la moderadora del Alumni Talks

Casilda Güell, PhD. Dean of OBS Business School

PhD in International History, BSc Government and Fellow European Institute from the London School of Economics. She is also a member of the EOCCS evaluation commissions for EFMD (Asia, Latin America and Europe) and a member of the Alumni Association AULA – Escuela Europea.

Her main research fields are Leadership, Cross-Cultural management, Geopolitics and impact on the economy, as well as Globalisation and international relations.

Last Executive Meetings

‘Regulating the ethics of algorithms is a huge challenge’, with Carla Zaldúa, CEO and Co-Founder of AcceXible.
"Resistance to change is no longer in vogue", Verónica Pastor, People and Organisation Business Partner at Repsol
"Sustainability is not a trend; it's a way of living and doing business", Guillem Bargalló, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Cataluña
"New technologies to get to know consumers in depth" with Blanca Pons, Managing Director, Accenture Song
"Water reuse is essential to alleviate the future deficit" with Angel Simón, Chairman of Agbar
"National and international vision of the insurance sector" with Jaime Anchústegui, International CEO of Generali
"Present and future of the hotel sector" with Santiago García-Nieto Conde, President of CONFECAT and hotel businessman.
"Entrepreneurship and new business trends in the fashion sector" with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, designer and entrepreneur.
"Financial advisors today must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff," Rafael Hurtado, CIO and CSO at Allianz
"Building brands with purpose: the big challenge for the FMCG sector", Miquel Campmany, Marketing Capability Manager at Nestlé
"Spain needs to be put on electric wheels" with Alberto Teichman, Managing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
"The state of pharmaceutical sector and the importance of sleep" with Dr. Antoni Esteve
“The role of philanthropy in today's society” with Mercedes Basso Ros, Head of Philanthropy Private Banking at CaixaBank
"Capturing and retaining the best talent, the key strategy in human resources" with Aurora Catá, President of Barcelona Global
"Sustainability and digitalisation: the future of the real estate sector" with Anna Gener, CEO of Savills Barcelona