OBS Business School cuenta con 3 Partners Académicos de reconocido prestigio internacional

Academic Partners

OBS Busienss School has two Academic Partners of recognized international prestige and academic excellence that combine the values of tradition and the business world with an innovative nature that has turned them into institutions of reference in the educational field: The University of Barcelona and UNIE University.

OBS cuenta con un Partner Académico de reconocido prestigio internacional: La Universitat de Barcelona
Descubre UNIE Universidad, partner académico de OBS Business School

Universitat de Barcelona

The University of Barcelona (UB), with more than 560 years of history, is the leading public university in Catalonia and Spain and one of the largest academic institutions in the world in terms of number of students.

The UB offers a wide range of courses ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to UB-specific degrees and postgraduate studies, master's degrees and doctorates. It is also the leading Spanish university research centre and one of the most important in Europe, mainly because of the excellent quality achieved in this field.

The university has received numerous awards and occupies prominent positions in the main international rankings, such as the prestigious QS World University Ranking.

Rankings de la Universitat de Barcelona, Partner Académico de OBS

Universitat de Barcelona: Partner Académico de OBS Business School

UNIE Universidad

There’s no doubt that the world has shifted in the last few years, which is why it needs a new type of university, one that is more realistic and entrepreneurial. UNIE Universidad is designed for the current context and its realities and is characterized by an academic quality guaranteed by Grupo Planeta Formación y Universidades, the higher education network of Grupo Planeta.

It is the only university created by a business group that understands the real value of competent, motivated and trained professionals. UNIE offers a new way of approaching education, based on objectives, practice and talent.

Its official academic offer, which complies with Spanish university regulations, connects with the contemporary social and economic reality and covers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that focusses on what each discipline demands and specializes in what the market requires to boost the employability of the professionals it trains.

UNIE Experience

The UNIE University experience covers fundamental aspects of business development that go far beyond classroom training, through services and initiatives such as Objetivo Empleabilidad, UNIE for Startups or UNIE Community, among others.

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