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About OBS

Who we are

OBS Business School was born in 2006 as the first Spanish born online business school in the world, offering MBAs and Masters to the future leaders of change. With more than 39.000 students trained from 80 countries, and thanks to our experience and excellence in training, we are the 1st Business School 100% online in the world to receive the outstanding rating of QS Stars, obtaining the highest distinction, five QS Stars, in the category of Online Learning. In addition, we have obtained the EOCCS accreditation from EFMD and we’ve been recognized by important rankings such as Forbes or the MBAs List of the Financial Times, among many others.

Our pedagogical system seeks to bring the business world closer to the student through experience, which is why we have created an ecosystem that organizes the institution into two specialized schools: The School of Business Administration & Leadership and the School of Innovation & Technology Management.

OBS in figures
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1st 100% online Business School in spanish
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75% of our students are executives
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More than 39.000 students of 80 nationalities
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450 prestigious professors and practitioners
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9 out of 10 students recommend us

Planeta Formación y Universidades

OBS is part of Planeta Formación y Universidades, one of the most important international networks of educational institutions in the world. Created in 2003 as a network of international educational institutions, Planeta Formación y Universidades represents the Grupo Planeta's commitment to university education and professional and continuous training. It’s a commitment to society that translates into creating real connections between the reality of the labour market and the professionals in charge of transforming it.

This is how more than 100,000 students of more than 114 nationalities connect with talent and knowledge through open, flexible and useful models. Planeta Formación y Universidades is present in Europe, America and North Africa. For more information visit the website.

OBS Business School forma parte de la división de Planeta Formación y Universidades

Reasons why

Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars encompassed in a 100% online environment. One of them is our pedagogical model, the Student ON Methodology, which focusses on the student's experiences and is supported by practitioner teachers.

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Our main objective is to train professionals in the field of management to become efficient, influential and ethical leaders thanks to a practical, flexible, collaborative and international training focused on bringing the business world closer to the student through experience.


We want to be the world's leading business school in online training, with an educational experience specialized in the needs of the student and providing a source of knowledge and motivation to achieve a committed, sustainable and ethical management.