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Natalia Bonilla's testimonial about the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Natalia Bonilla, Operations Manager at AMAZON, explains her opinion about the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of OBS Business School. 

"I was able to come onboard to new strategic thinking about the innovation process and how to develop different techniques to maximize results". 


Why did you decide to study this master?

When I decided to come onboard studying a new master’s degree, I knew a needed to take into consideration both aspects of my life. Being a physical Therapist its not that related of working in an Internet base company such as Amazon. However, this Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, gave me a completely new experience that I could involve both of them. So, it gave the part of the entrepreneurship in case sometime I would like to come onboard with the physical therapy, but also gave me tools to come onboard to that entrepreneurship and combine it with the innovation that right now is really helping me come with the new task that I got in my work at Amazon.

What skills have you developed throughout the program?

Definitely I was able to learn a lot of different skillsets with this master’s degree. I was able to come onboard to new strategic thinking about the innovation process, how to develop different techniques that I able to maximize results and different options to see how to come onboard with this innovation process. Not only for myself but also how to apply it to different groups you would like to work on. It also gives you a little bit of project management, risk assessment. All different steps that you need to take into consideration, coming onboard with your project.

How has your experience at the school been?

OBS was definitely a great choice. One of the main concerns I had at the beginning was related to time management and being able to work with the school that I was not even base in my country. However, OBS provided me this virtual campus where I was going to be able to go and have the recorded classes there, the work that I needed to do. They gave me enough time for me to balance it with my current work, with my life and go into it whenever I had the time.

 I also like a lot how the professors came onboard with different but updated information so we could learn and understand the reality that we were going through. I was able to do this during the pandemic, and that helped us see a lot of information of how things were working in the real time. So, it takes you or gives you the visibility that it’s not something that is pre-recorded, it’s something that even the professors bring up to you, so you can learn on a day by day bases.

How do you imagine your professional future now that you have finished the program?

I’m absolutely sure that being able to take this master’s degree at OBS its going to continue helping me with the development of my professional career. Now that I´ve ended, if I look back, I can se the amount of abilities and skills that I´ve been able to gather. Also, something very important it was the networking I was able to do, not only with my pairs but also with the professors, people from all around the globe that expands your mind, it opens the way you think and you get used to new realities, so that’s definitely going to kept on helping me.

What would you say to a person who is thinking of studying a master's degree at OBS Business School?

If you are thinking of coming on board with OBS, the first advice that I’m going to give you it’s to take your time to go over the different programs the school provides, it’s not an easy or fast decision to take, so take the time to go over it and select the one that it’s going to benefit you the most in your professional development.

The second advice it’s that you are going to able to learn as much as you can. You are going to have a lot of resources within the process, not only from the professors but also from your pairs. Everyone its going to share their experiences, different lineages, different information that you can gather. So, my advice there would be, if possible, go as deep as you can.

And the third one, just enjoy the process, it is very very nice.

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