Descubre la opinión de el exalumno de OBS Saúl Torres sobre el Máster en project Management y Máster en Coahing directivo y liderazgo

Saúl Torres's testimonial about our Online Masters

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Saúl Torres, Associate Director of PMO, explains his opinion as a student of the Master in Project Management and the Master in Management and Leadership Coaching at OBS.

Saúl shares his vision about studying at OBS: "I have studied two Masters at OBS and the truth is that it has been a great experience due to the high quality of the lecturers with whom I have shared these two Masters, their professionalism and the fact of living with many international colleagues has been an indispensable complement to my career. It has given me the tools and resources with which I execute my projects on a daily basis".


What would you say to someone who says they don't have time to study?

I would say that it's simply a question of will, it is a question of each person being able to organise their time, of the priorities they have to make, and that there is time for everything. Time for your family, time to do your work, and time to study. It's just the desire to better yourself, to want to transform yourself, and to follow the path that you have set out for yourself.

How has your experience been with your colleagues?

During the course I met many people, I met many colleagues from different professions and different industries. The truth is that the mix of people with more and less experience has helped me to develop professionally and to have a greater transformation. The truth is that the exchange of knowledge and experiences among OBS students enriches me more, you understand something more important that you don't know. It gives you a different perspective that everyone has on the world and on their jobs.

Why did you decide to study this Master's degree?

I was really driven by the need to transform myself, the need to have more knowledge and to go deeper into many topics and many subjects. I have always thought that being a specialist in certain areas and systems always gives you a competitive advantage over the rest of the people.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS Business School?

I did research on all the masters that were online, reviewed the obs curriculum and saw that it was the most comprehensive curriculum with the best prepared lecturers and was highly rated by students. This led me to understand how I can really make a transformation through studying online. It also led me to see the experience of all the teaching staff. There are people who have many years in different industries and it is very important to complement the whole part of the education.

Now you know Saúl Torres' experience on the Master in Project Management and the Master in Executive Coaching. If you want to find opinions about another programme or learn more about the experiences of former students of OBS Business School, don't hesitate to consult them.