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Project Mentoring

Turn your ideas into reality

Innovation within organisations and the emergence of new business projects are characteristic of the current economic context.

That is why OBS Business School offers our students and alumni a mentoring service led by leading professionals, who will guide, advise and transmit their extensive knowledge to those who are in the process of launching their own project, or those who are responsible for carrying out new initiatives within the organisational development plan.




Throughout 4 individual sessions with the mentor you will acquire the necessary tools to carry out your professional purpose, regardless of whether it is an intrapreneurship or your own project. The mentor will be assigned to you depending on the type of project you are carrying out.

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Accelerate your professional development
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Stimulate creative thinking and innovation
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Detecting, analysing and resolving process adversities
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Learn and manage change and uncertainty
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Increasing your project's chances of success


During this mentoring service you will be accompanied and guided by an expert in their sector (mentor) who will pass on the knowledge they have gained from their experience and provide you with the necessary tools to turn your ideas into reality.

Gemma Segura, experta de Project Mentoring

Gemma Segura is one of the mentors who will accompany the participants during the 4 sessions of the service.

She is Programme Director of the Master's Degree in Neuromarketing and Consumer Behaviour and lecturer on the Master's Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management. She is also a trainer, consultant, Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer and has a long professional career guiding various professionals during the development of their projects.


Luis Asensio, experto del Project Mentoring de OBS

Luis Asensio is part of the team of mentors who will accompany the participants during the 4 sessions of the service.

The professor of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership is an Executive Coach (PCC), Soft Skills trainer and has extensive work experience advising professionals during the development of their projects.


Giovanna de Prat, mentora de Project Mentoring de OBS

Giovanna de Prat is one of the professionals who make up the team of mentors to accompany students who want to develop their projects.

The teacher of the Master in Branding and Brand Strategy is a Head Hunter and consultant. She has extensive work experience guiding professionals and helping them to develop and enhance their skills.


Ezequiel Beneït es el director del Máster en Design Thinking y Desarrollo de Producto

Ezequiel Beneït is Managing Partner of Innovation & Creativity Development (ICD), a strategic consulting firm specialising in innovation that works in the development of transformative projects, and is present in Spain and Chile.

He is director of the Master in Design Thinking and Product Development, and professor of the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Mar Ruiz, mentora de Project Mentoring de OBS

Mar Ruiz is one of the mentors who is part of the team of teachers who guide the students and mentees during the Project Mentoring service.

She is a professor of the Global MBA, as well as a business coach and certified mentor. Expert in Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Lean Kanban, HR Agile Leadership and Virtual Team Management. She is a member of the Ikigai-Transformation professional network.


Eduard Alcaraz, moderador del Alumni Talks

Eduard Alcaraz Espriu is one of the professionals who make up the team of mentors who accompany the participants.

He is a lecturer on the Master's Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management and currently works as a consultant in strategic on&off marketing for companies in different sectors. He has been working for more than 14 years in the communication sector, advising organisations at a strategic, creative and technological level.


Maria Elena Hervas Duque

Founder of MosaiQuito

"As an entrepreneur, I needed help to develop and plan my business plan, and thanks to the support I received from the mentor I have been able to decipher the purpose of what I am doing, detect new opportunities and have a clear vision of what I hope for the future. I recommend it 100%, it is an opportunity that I would take again without hesitation".


Yubirí Suárez

CEO and founder of OrangeDot Creative

"Project Mentoring has made my work much easier, as I have been able to organise the services we offer in a more effective way. It has also helped me to give structure to my professional experience, to be more aware of how to learn from each experience and put it into practice with my clients and work team". 


Catalina Castillo

Entrepreneur and cabin crew member at Emirates Airline

"Project Mentoring has helped me to be more realistic when planning and executing a business. I take away a perspective that is more in tune with market trends and a more holistic view of a business model that incorporates consumer tastes and preferences".


Mauricio Paz Manzano

Management Consultant and Training Event Facilitator

"My experience has been highly rewarding and has helped me to have a better vision of my business project. And I know that soon, my project will be underpinned, defined and underway according to the guidance received by my Mentor".


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