Descubre nuestros Ciclos de Conocimiento con los que impactamos directamente en la empleabilidad y el desarrollo profesional.

Knowledge Cycles

Strengthen your professional profile

Through a lively offer of services, OBS seeks to add value to the knowledge that our students acquire during their academic training, providing them with the necessary tools to continue progressing in their career and be more competitive.

With our Knowledge Cycles we have a direct impact on the employability of our Community, thus promoting their professional development, and we do so through three specific Cycles that provide them with the necessary skills to stand out from their competition in the labour market.


Discover our Knowledge Cycles with which we have a direct impact on employability and professional development.

Sinergias entre alumnos
Accelerate your professional development
icono profesionales
Work and improve your job competitiveness
Alumnos de OBS Business School
Build and develop your personal brand
icono trofeo
Learn how to access hidden employment
Herramientas para alumnos de OBS Business School
Design and create your own career plan

Entrepreneurship Cycle

OBS Business School inaugura su ciclo de emprendimiento

This cycle, taught by renowned experts from the world of entrepreneurship, provides the essential tools that every entrepreneur should know before developing a professional project. Through 3 live sessions, participants can discover the key concepts of entrepreneurship, obtain a greater analytical vision, learn to recognise the pillars of the project and train the necessary skills to face the challenges.

Employability Cycle

Disfruta del Webinar de Empleabilidad de OBS Business School: Salario Emocional

With this Cycle we have a direct impact on the employability of our Community. Topics as important as building and enhancing the personal brand, knowing how to access hidden employment or using social networks to get quality contacts, are addressed over 3 online sessions taught by renowned experts. We aim to help attendees identify their areas for improvement in order to capture the attention of recruiters.

Professional Development Cycle

Máster en Derecho Internacional de la Empresa de OBS Business School

Keeping up to date with labour market trends is essential for the correct development of a professional career, as the right direction of our steps depends on it. This Cycle consists of 3 live sessions, given by professionals and experts, where we learn how to design a professional future and develop a career plan according to the most demanded competences in the current market.

Discover the Alumni Community

Conoce todas las ventajas de formar parte de la Comunidad Alumni de OBS

Do you want to enhance your professional development and promote your networking through a network of more than 39.000 Alumni?

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