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Alumni Clubs

Networking and International Community

The Alumni Clubs are groups of students and alumni of the school with a personal and/or professional interest in each country. At OBS we have 8 Alumni Clubs spread around the world and led by outstanding alumni who act as representatives of the institution and ensure the organization and celebration of different activities and events.

The Clubs share a passion for making the most out of training opportunities, generating synergies and networking between different countries, cultures and environments. We encourage you to participate in the activities of each of the Clubs and benefit from the connections and knowledge that belonging to this great Community of more than 39.000 professionals offers you.


Sinergias entre alumnos
Strengthen the link between the Alumni Community
icono mundo
Expand the international contacts network
icono profesionales
Connect and learn with different professional profiles
Conversaciones alumnos
Exchange experiences and knowledge around the world


The Alumni Clubs organize events and activities with professionals and special guests to connect the country's network with the business community. The main objective of the meetings is to create synergies and exchange experiences that provide valuable knowledge to enhance continuous development.

Alumni Club Spain

Alumni Club Perú

Alumni Club Colombia

Alumni Club Chile

Alumni Club Ecuador

Alumni Club Argentina

Alumni Club Mexico

Alumni Club Costa Rica