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Lifelong Community

In the business world, it is not enough to be a great professional to ensure a successful career. Nowadays, it is essential to have a network of contacts that allows you to achieve challenges and generate opportunities that would be unthinkable on your own. Being part of an interrelated and international community that is closely linked to the business world brings value to society, both in terms of continuous improvement and the development of ideas and entrepreneurship.

Our Alumni Days were born with that intention, preparing you to achieve your goals while connecting you with two vital agents for your growth: professionals and top-level multinational companies.



Sinergias entre alumnos
Encourage networking among Club members and the Community
Conexión entre alumnos
Exchange of knowledge and experiences
icono profesionales
Bring the Community closer to the organisations
icono mundo
Reflect on new organizational environments

Connect & Network

En los Alumni Days de OBS hemos podido contar con destacados ponentes de empresas internacionales

Experiences and learnings are a key element to continue growing professionally. Debate and reflection allow us to improve and detect business opportunities. In these events you will have the opportunity to approach the business reality of each country and connect with professionals who share interests and aspirations to create an active network of contacts.

Create synergies and generate opportunities!

Last Alumni Day

Alumni Day Victor Kuppers

Last 25th of April we celebrated the Alumni Day "Attitudes that inspire" with Víctor Küppers, organised by the Alumni Club Mexico & Ecuador and broadcasted through our Youtube channel.

During the event we had the opportunity to learn about the latest news of the Alumni Community and to witness a great conference "Vivir y trabajar con alegría" by this great international successful speaker.


Latest Alumni Days

During the Alumni Days we talk about current issues with experts from leading international companies in their sectors, such as Amazon, Google, Damm, Deloitte or Coca-Cola Embonor. With these interesting professional experiences, we seek to offer attendees an inspiring vision of current affairs while generating a very enriching networking.

View all the Alumni Days and access to the playlist on our Youtube channel.

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