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Hidden Job Market Cycle 2024

Event | November 2024

Discover the Keys to Job Search Success

The Careers Service area is launching the first edition of the Hidden Job Market Cycle; it will consist on 3 online sessions which will be delivered through the OBS Career Portal, taking place between the 14th and the 28th of November 2024.

Our goal with this exclusive content is to empower our entire community of students and alumni with insights into the intricacies of job searching from both the employee's and recruiter's perspectives. Participants will gain valuable knowledge on overcoming common obstacles encountered in the job search process.




21% de nuestros alumnos son emprendedores
Discover the inner workings of the Hidden Job Market
Más del 96% de los alumnos de OBS trabaja actualmente
Master techniques for effective professional networking
20,7% de nuestros alumnos son emprendedores
Work on professional visibility to overcome hidden market barriers
Sinergias entre alumnos
Fast-track professional growth and secure further career development


The Careers area offers this exclusive service comprised in 3 webinars of 1 hour each. It will take place from the 14th until the 28th of November 2024, with a weekly session conducted by renowned experts.

Why is there a hidden job market and what is it?
Professor: Marta Fernández
Thursday November 14th at 18h (
Peninsular Spain Time)

Networking strategies for accessing the hidden job market 
Professor: Eva Verde
Thursday November 21st at 18h (
Peninsular Spain Time)

Significance of professional visibility to access the hidden job market
Professor: David Garrote
Thursday November 28th at 18h (
Peninsular Spain Time)


Marta Fernández es profesora en el Ciclo de Desarrollo Profesional de OBS Business School

Marta Fernández

Hidden Job Market Expert | Career Coach | Author of "Aprende a comunicar tu talento".

Eva Verde es profesora en el Ciclo de Desarrollo Profesional de OBS Business School

Eva Verde

Linkedin Top Voice | Mentor and Career Coach | Professional transformation expert.

David Garrote es profesor del Ciclo de Desarrollo Profesional de OBS Business School

David Garrote

Senior People & Culture Manager at Lidl España | Best HR Specialist at the 20th AQ Awards.


If you're considering professional advancement and seeking insights into accessing higher positions, don't miss out on this Cycle. We'll delve into the intricacies of recruitment and personnel selection, shedding light on many unadvertised job opportunities. Register now to uncover these hidden pathways to career growth!