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Our Masterclasses are taught by expert teachers and collaborators of the school. All of them are aimed at enhancing employability through continuous training and updating knowledge on the latest trends in management from the point of view of different sectors and business functions.

All sessions, exclusively for OBS students and alumni, are always available through the Virtual Campus and new Masterclasses are launched continuously throughout the year.



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Last sessions

Through these exclusive training pills for students and alumni of the school, we seek to provide you with the tools that will help you improve your employability, as well as updating your knowledge according to new trends in each sector.

Protecting your digital identity, Employability and the search for hidden work, Agile methodologies, Let's talk about Reskilling and Upskilling, IoT in Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship for women, the digitisation of the healthcare system and the 5 keys to professional reinvention are some of the Masterclasses we have recently launched.

On this page we share with you a short video summary as a preview of the latest sessions, which you can find in full in the Alumni section of the Virtual Campus.

Protecting digital identity

Selva Orejón, OBS collaborator and court expert specialised in digital identity

Agile Methodologies

Marc Barà, OBS professor, expert advisor and consultant in the implementation of tools and techniques for project management

IoT in Industry 4.0

Jordi Dalmau, lecturer at OBS and responsible for the north of Spain at ENDESA

Employability and hidden jobs

Giovanna de Prat, OBS professor, headhunter and specialised consultant

Reskilling and Upskilling

Lorenzo Muriel, programme director and professor at OBS. Organisational Area Director at Carl Rogers Institute and ICF-Certified Coach

Female entrepreneurship

Mercè Serrabassa, OBS professor and certified coach and expert in human capital management