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Great success for the first OBS Employability Cycle

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More than 1,600 participants from 41 nationalities

The first OBS Business School's Employability Cycle took place from the 17th to the 31st of May, an exclusive service for students and alumni of the school in which we had more than 1,600 participants of 41 nationalities. This first edition closed with an average rating of 9.3 and an excellent NPS of 91%.

With the aim of having a direct impact on the employability of our community members, we held 3 online sessions led by leading recruitment and personal branding professionals who shared their knowledge and advice with all attendees to help them expand their employment options.

3 renowned speakers, experts in employability

The first session, Power your personal brand, was conducted on Wednesday, 17th of May by ML Cobián, an expert in job search and professional branding, as well as a coach and mentor in strategy and career change. Along with her, we discovered how to be strategic with what we have so that the perception we leave on those who interact with our brand is as beneficial as possible.

The following Wednesday, 24th of May, we had Cèlia Hil, a consultant and trainer specialising in employability, personal branding and digital identity management on LinkedIn. Hil told us about using LinkedIn for networking and finding hidden jobs, and focused on showing us how we can make our brand more attractive in the eyes of headhunters. "If you fill your profile with trivial things that don't really matter, recruiters will stop seeing what's truly relevant," she explained.

To close the first edition of the Employability Cycle, on the 31st of May we had Sylvain Boy, recruitment expert, General Manager of Winid and member of the Board of Directors of the French Chamber of Commerce in Spain. In his speech, titled "Learning how to captivate head-hunters", Boy spoke about the recent change of paradigm in recruitment processes and the essential skills and abilities that head-hunters value the most nowadays.

OBS boosts employability

The OBS Careers Department carries out different activities and services to contribute to the professional development of the school's students and alumni.

As one of the participants said: "I sincerely hope that workshops like these persist, as they play a crucial role in keeping us informed and equipped with the latest insights necessary for securing desirable employment opportunities in today's dynamic landscape."

In addition to the aforementioned workshops, two years ago the school relaunched the new exclusive Employment Portal, a platform that aims to provide employment visibility to our Community in order to bring them closer to the business world. On the other hand, OBS publishes an annual Employment Report, in which the impact that the training offered by the school is analysed to determine how it helps the professional progress of our alumni.