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New study financial aid by Planeta Formación y Universidades and the Colombian Embassy

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OBS committed to providing quality higher education opportunities to Colombian citizens in Spain

Planeta Fomación y Universidades lanza ayudas para ciudadanos colombianos


Planeta Formación y Universidades is collaborating once again with the Colombian Embassy in Spain to launch a plan of 276 study aids addressed to Colombian citizens residing in Spain.

This initiative, under the agreement between both institutions, aims to promote access to Higher Education for all those Colombian citizens who stand out for their academic merits and who wish to study any of the 183 programmes offered by the academic institutions part of the Planeta Formación y Universidades Division of Grupo Planeta.

What do the study aids comprise?

The application process for the training grants of this new edition is open from 11 May 2024 until 14 July 2024. The candidates will have the option to choose from a total of 145 areas of knowledge that Planeta Formación y Universidades offers through its institutions for different training levels and in their different modalities: on-campus, hybrid and online.

The collaboration between the institutions grants the candidates three types of study aids depending on the chosen institution and programme: aids that cover 100% of the study costs, aids up to 75% of the study costs and aids for the 50% of the study costs.

Some of the eligibility requirements for participation in the aid programme include:

  • Be a Colombian citizen.
  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Meet the access requirements of the chosen programme.
  • Complete the application forms within the established deadlines.

Ready to boost your professional career? With this initiative, we aim to facilitate access to quality higher education for those professionals seeking to excel, set new goals, progress and make significant changes in their community.

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