OBS ha sido reconocida con cinco QS Stars en Online Learning

OBS ranks as a business school of excellence with four QS Stars

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Five QS Stars in Learning, Teaching, Employability and Inclusion

OBS se clasifica como business school de excelencia con cuatro QS Stars

As a result of an extensive audit carried out by the international organisation Quacquarelli Symonds which analyses academic quality, we can announce that OBS Business School has been recognised with four QS Stars according to the prestigious QS Stars Rating System, thus maintaining its position in the select TOP 10 of recognised academic institutions in Spain.

In 2020, OBS was the first 100% online business school in the world to be recognised by the QS Stars rating, obtaining the highest distinction, five QS Stars, in the Online Learning category. Two years later, the school not only obtained again this highest rating in e-learning, but also five QS Stars in the categories of: Teaching, Employability, Academic Development and Inclusiveness. The audit also assessed the quality of our programmes, awarding this international recognition to our Master's degrees.

Three OBS Masters recognised by QS Stars

In this 2023 edition, we can announce that both the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Master in Project Management of the school have obtained five QS Stars, the highest distinction, from the QS Stars Rating System. In addition, our Executive MBA has also been recognised with four QS Stars. The scores obtained in these three Masters place us at a high level of competitiveness both nationally and internationally as a global business school.

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For the school, having this recognition from QS Stars is a seal of academic quality that allows us to ratify the impact that all the work done over the years has had on the continuous improvement of our programmes and educational experience.

Five QS Stars in Teaching, Employability & Inclusiveness

The aim of the Quacquarelli Symonds report is to provide a detailed summary of the results of the academic institutions analysed, including both the final overall data and the points per category. In this sense, OBS has maintained the five QS Stars in Online Learning obtained in the previous edition, to which the categories of Teaching, Employability, Academic Development and Inclusiveness have been added. In addition, OBS has also been recognised with three QS Stars in Internationalization.


The Teaching category assesses areas such as faculty-student ratio, satisfaction and the number of students who continue their studies. The school obtained the highest score in this area because 91% of students are satisfied with their studies at the school.


Employability is another important evaluation criterion for QS Stars. This category assesses the school's reputation among employers, the employability rate of graduates and the support service to both students and alumni. The employability rate of OBS stands at 95.5% as we can see in our Employment Report 2022.

Academic Development

This category examines the commitment of educational institutions to the academic development of their students and teachers beyond teaching. This includes areas such as internships, faculty availability outside the classroom and the number of faculty participating in development programmes. OBS has achieved the highest distinction in this category thanks to the school's collaboration with its prestigious academic partners.


The school also obtains the highest score in Inclusiveness thanks to scholarships for students. In addition, OBS scores well in terms of gender parity among its student body.

What is QS Stars Rating System?

Quacquarelli Symonds, one of the most prestigious international organisations in the field of education, seeks to select and identify the best academic institutions and business schools. To this end, it develops the QS Stars Rating System, an academic quality rating system that analyses the programmes, faculty, employability, integration and equity, academic development and innovation of many educational institutions, awarding them between one and five QS Stars overall, in different categories and in various programmes.