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Carmen Montenegro's testimonial about the Executive MBA

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Carmen Montenegro, Senior Sales Manager Andean Region at Sales LATAM, has completed two Masters at OBS and now shares her opinion as a student of the Executive MBA.

"It's truly an exceptional experience. At OBS, you not only get a double degree but also benefit from top-notch professors and a curriculum that's constantly updated. Upon completing your studies, you embark on a lifelong connection with the Alumni network, enabling you to stay engaged with fellow graduates from various countries and stay abreast of the latest developments."


Why did you decide to study this two Masters?

I studied both Masters at OBS because I come from a technical background and I knew that I needed to update my kowledge in the sales market. I needed to be able to face this market and the changes it is going through.

Why did you decide to study at OBS?

It was recommended to me and so I started to research what OBS offered. I now live in Colombia and it was great to know that I could study this programme online and that I was not going to lose an hour commuting to a centre. Knowing that I could connect with international professionals and that it was taught by world-class professors were also a deciding aspect when chosing OBS. It's a good alternative, I was able to update my knowledge and networrk. Those were the main reasons for choosing OBS.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

There are several benefits to an online methodology, as I had already mentioned, the time you waste commuting in an in-person programme is vital. The classes are recorded, so I was able to take them at my own pace and repeat those parts I didn't understand. This type of benefit really helps the student to adapt the studies to their needs.

How has your experience been at OBS?

My experience at the school has been extraordinary, so much so that I have taken two Masters. It is definitely because the level of the teachers is excellent, the availability they have to assist us is immediate and the Alumni team is always willing to help us and resolve any doubts we may have.

What would you say to a person considering studying at OBS?

That it is an excellent experience, at OBS you have a double degree, you have excellent teachers and the curriculum is completely updated. Something of great value is that once you finish your studies, your relationship with OBS does not end, but rather a relationship with Alumni begins, which allows us to be connected between students from different countries and to keep up to date with current issues.

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