Descubre la opinión de Hernan Gomez sobre el Máster en Transformación Digital y Desarrollo de Negocio de OBS

Hernán Gómez's testimonial about the Master in Digital Transformation

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Hernán Gómez, Deputy Systems Manager at caja Huancayo, shares his opinion as a student of the Master in Digital Transformation  at OBS.

"The expectations I had before starting the master's degree have indeed been fulfilled. It provides everything I need for the digital transformation process of my company for it to be optimised".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

Previously I studied an MBA which I followed face-to-face, but I wanted to cross borders, to go beyond my country where I took the MBA and the aim was to exchange with colleagues from different countries, to have experienced professors from other countries who  so that I could share experiences and learn about digital transformation.

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

I am an assistant systems manager in a financial company and we are in the process of transforming the company and jumping into the digital transformation process.

Have your expectations for the Master's program been met?

Definitely yes, both the tools and the methodology. It has everything you need to make this process optimal.

Would you recommend the OBS Masters?

Absolutely, first of all because of the flexibility that allowed me to manage my schedule, I was able to arrange everything and follow up on the classes and projects, second because you interact with classmates from different countries and third because the teachers are very exellent with a well developed curriculum.

Now you know Hernán Gómez's experience on the Master in Digital Transformation. If you want to know more opinions of former students of OBS Business School, do not hesitate to consult them.