Descubre la opinión de la exalumna de OBS Karime Triana sobre el del Máster en Transformación Digital y Desarrollo de Negocio

Karime Triana's testimonial about the Master in Digital Transformation

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Karime Triana, IT Project Manager at TriniTech, explains her opinion as a student of the Master in Digital Transformation  at OBS.

"The quality of the teachers in the Master was excellent, the teachers have a very good knowledge on the field and they help you with any doubts you may have."


Why did you decide to study this Master?

It started as a need to strengthen my personal and professional growth. I was looking for a programme that could help me to complement my studies following the undergraduate degree I had taken and my employment opportunities.

In Colombia we are incorporating  digital transformation and I was looking for a deeper knowledge on the subject

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

This master taught me a lot - it helped me develop my career I gained the skills to take on a new project, to now be able to provide my colleagues with knowledge they are seeking and to be able to support them. Furthermore, I could recommend this kind of master, it is very practical and provides us with exactly what we need in terms of management and collaboration.

What did you think of the Student ON Methodology?

Since I left school all my studies have been online, it is a methodology that allows you to acquire knowledge while you work, you can do both things. It is complex and requires a lot of commitment, but in order for it to be carried out well, the quality of the teachers is crucial.

The quality of the teachersis excelent,they have a very good knowledge on the field and support you with any doubts that you may have. They make it easy for you to take the master's degree and as time goes by, they provide you with all the tools to be able to succeed.

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