La opinión sobre el Máster en Innovación y Emprendimiento de Rolando Delki, exalumno de OBS

Rolando Delki's testimonial about the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Rolando Delki, CEO de Ariel Group, shares his opinion as a student of the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

"I think the academic standards and expectations are the best, I am very happy that I decided to study at OBS and the effort and pressure have had its results".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

In my professional and business career, I have always been on an entrepreneurial path and have always wanted to do things differently, I do not want to repeat the same thing and this studies were just that. In my work I has always found ways to do things my way and as soon as I found OBS I understood that this is what I wanted and what I had to do.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

At first I though that maybe the quality might not be the same as I expected or as it had been in my professional life, but I realised that it was quite the opposite. I think the academic standards and the academic level are the highest and, to be honest, I am glad I made the decision to study at OBS. I have never missed my work hours, my personal life and it has allowed me to do an online course seamlessly, even though there was pressure to dedicate 18 hours a week to it and I did it all. And now I'm here, just here for graduation after one year.

Have your expectations before starting the Master's been fulfilled?

Professionally, I am an analyst and business administrator and studying this master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at OBS Business School will take me to another level. The company I have in Peru is no longer going to be local, I am launching it internationally, and now that I have come to Barcelona (to attend the graduation) I am already thinking about developing a project here in the city and on the European market.

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