Descubre la opinión de la exalumna de OBS Sigrid Ogaldez sobre el Máster en International Business Management

Sigrid Ogaldez's testimonial about the Master in International Business Management

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Sigrid Ogaldez, explains her opinion as a student of the Master in International Business Management at OBS.

"I felt very reassured as I had direct access to the teachers, they answered all my questions and my Program Manager was always available to me".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

I was curious about continuing my studies for the past two years. A year ago I got my degree. I am a public accountant and auditor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín so I wanted to pursue further studies. Academically, I am very curious in that sense, I was researching and OBS just clicked with what I was looking for.

What did you think of the Student ON Methodology?

At first I was a bit nervous because I had never met the teachers before and I really enjoy going to talk to them. However, when I sent an email and they replied within 24 hours, I felt at ease because whenever I needed I could reach them, they answered all my questions... and my Program Manager was always available for me.

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

Although I had a good understanding of finance already, I delved deeper into the subject of marketing and economics which I enjoyed, perhaps that's where my future will be directed.

Would you recommend the OBS Masters?

Sure, if you want an international experience without the need to leave home or even your routine, just by adapting your schedule  you find time to do it. It will help you froe as a professional  and move forward.

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