Conoce a Gloria Mendoza, alumni del Máster en Coaching Directivo y Liderazgo de OBS

Gloria Mendoza's testimonial about the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership

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Gloria Mendoza shares her experience as a student of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS.

"I have honed my teamwork abilities and enhanced my proficiency in utilizing technology, effectively integrating it into my daily routine."

Why did you decide to study this Master?

I have always been interested in helping people and I have worked a lot with teams in my profession, so it is very important for me to keep growing in this field of leadership, coaching and team management.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

The experience has been great, far superior to what initially I had imagined, I have gained so much knowledge. I decided to study at OBS after doing some research and comparing institutions that offered this type of education with an online methodology. I finally chose OBS.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

I have improved my teamwork skills, as well as the ability to use technology and apply it to everyday life.

What would you say to a person considering studying at OBS?

To dare to take the plunge. At the beginning I had a lot of doubts, I looked through a lot of information and it has definitely been the best decision.

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