Laura Tejada, alumni del Máster en Coaching Directivo y Liderazgo de OBS

Laura Tejada's testimonial about the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership

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Laura Tejada, Co-CEO & Executive Coach of Wavveup, shares her experience as a student of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS. 

"My time at OBS has been incredibly enriching. Interacting with both the faculty and fellow international students has broadened my perspective. It's been a privilege to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from Latin America, Spain, and various other countries."


Why did you decide to study this Master?

I pursued the Master in Management and Leadership Coaching with a clear purpose: to focus on unlocking human potential. Transitioning from a background in Human Resources, I discovered the profound impact coaching can have on individuals, both mentally and emotionally. Through various training experiences, my aspiration to delve into coaching as a profession became increasingly evident.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

Being based in Vienna at the time, I sought out a fully online program that would accommodate my remote work schedule. My focus was primarily on pursuing a master's degree from a reputable business school or university. Upon researching options online, OBS stood out with its consistently positive reviews regarding the quality of its online education.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

The primary advantage of the online methodology for me is its flexibility. With classes typically held in the evenings and accessible remotely, it seamlessly integrates into a working schedule, allowing for comfortable organization. Additionally, the personalized support offered throughout the entire process enhances the learning experience.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

Above all, my experience has honed my active listening abilities and cultivated a skill I find particularly compelling: the art of posing impactful questions to clients. Moreover, coaching has led me on a profound journey of self-discovery, resulting in a transformative shift in how I perceive myself and interact with others.

How has your experience been at OBS?

My time at OBS has been exceptionally enriching on multiple fronts. The caliber of our professors has consistently impressed me, and the international environment has provided invaluable opportunities. From completing the master's program to working on the Master's Final Project, I've had the chance to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds spanning Latin America, Spain, and beyond.

How do you imagine your professional future now that you've completed your program?

I can honestly say that OBS has played a pivotal role in shaping my journey to where I am today and where I aspire to go. With a clear vision of becoming an entrepreneur, the program provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish my own company. Collaborating with a fellow graduate from the Master's program, we founded an executive coaching firm tailored for startups. Currently, we're operating in Spain and in the process of expanding our presence across Latin America.

What would you say to someone considering studying at OBS?

I would highly recommend them choosing OBS for their studies. The program has exceptional quality professors and offers remarkable flexibility with its online format, making it an ideal choice, especially for those residing in other countries. The tried-and-tested methodology employed by OBS over the years underscores its effectiveness. Additionally, the continuous support and interaction with teachers throughout the program contribute to an enriching learning experience.

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