Descubre la opinión de la exalumna de OBS Maria del Valle Baena sobre el del Máster en Coaching Directivo y Liderazgo

María del Valle Baena's testimonial about the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership

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María del Valle Baena, Coordinator and teacher at Centro MundoLengua, shares his opinion as a student of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS.

"What I first liked was the methodology, there is a good organisation and it suited my pace of life and schedule, at the beginning I thought I wouldn't be able to follow the classes, but I was able to do it perfectly.  Also, I had a very good relationship with the teachers who, without personally knowing them, made you want to learn more and improve yourself day by day."

Why did you decide to study this Master?

Because of the work I do. I live in Seville, in Spain, and I run a company dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreign students... So, because of all the logistics, because of all the people I work with, I felt that I needed professional support. At that moment I thought: "maybe yes, maybe some coaching can help me".

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

I have been able to put many techniques into practice and I noticed the improvement in my performance and in my vision of the company.

What did you think of the Student ON Methodology?

I was talking to a colleague from another master's programme and I was telling her precisely how surprised at how well organised it was. I thought that with my schedule, with the pace of my life... I was not sure if I would be able to do it online, but yes, I could do it easily. That's what I liked the most, the good organisation, the good relationship with the teachers who, without knowing them, hooked you in a very good way and yes, it can be done with a lot of effort. But I was able to do it and I'm really happy with all the results.

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