Descubre la opinión de la exalummna de OBSn Miluska Sánchez sobre el Máster en Coaching Directivo y Liderazgo.

Miluska Sánchez's testimonial about the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership

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Miluska Sánchez, shares her opinion as a student of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS.


"The Master's program has significantly broadened my horizons, offering numerous opportunities, perspectives, and alternatives. Its profound impact has been instrumental in fostering my personal growth and development."

Why did you decide to study this Master?

I was looking for something different, something that wasn't a traditional master and I had heard about it. I found the programme interesting, it opened up a lot of possibilities, it opened my prespective, options and alternatives... it also helped a lot with my personal development. It definitely was what I needed.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

Mainly for the flexibility of its programme based on online teaching, I had never studied anything online before but I really was looking for that freedom, the flexibility to be able to do it anywhere and to be able to plan my day. That's what encouraged me to undertake it at OBS.

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

It was interesting because it made me realise what skills I already had as well as learning new ones such as: to improve my perception and share my knowledge to help others understand what they can't see for themselves. That's really what coaching is, helping others to understand how to move forward, there are small things that sometimes don't allow people or teams to see beyond and open up opportunities and possibilities.

Would you recommend the OBS Masters?

Yes. When I talk to people and start explaining, I am always asked where did I study, and as I start telling them about OBS I realise it always comes out naturally as a recommendation to join the programme.

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