Descubre la opinión de Mineli Sánchez sobre nuestro Máster en Project Management

Mineli Sánchez's testimonial about the Master in Project Management

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Mineli Sánchez works as an architect and shares her opinion as a student of the Master in Project Management at OBS. 

"I wanted to have the opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, to exchange perspectives, and to immerse myself in a truly global experience. This is something I may not have been able to fully realize had I pursued my master's degree in Puerto Rico."


Why did you decide to study this Master?

Puerto Rico was hit by a hurricane in 2017. I was working in the design industry, but after that a need arose on the island for project management and that's where I became interested in this line of work. I found out about the Master's through social networks and I decided to take it. There was another colleague who had already completed it, he shared the information with me and I decided to follow his advice and take the Master at OBS.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

I wanted to have the experience of meeting people from other countries, interact with them, learn from their perspectives, which maybe if I had studied the master in Puerto Rico I wouldn't have had the chance to. I did the TFM with two Chileans, a girl from Costa Rica and one from Argentina, the experience was brutal.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

The programme helped me develope my communication skills given that I was doing the Final Project with people from different countries which implied different schedules, personal needs and totally different ways of thinking. Even something as simple as punctuality for attending a meeting or how  to write. I believe it is an experience that I have been able to implement later in my job because we work with many stakeholders who are not necessarily from the island.

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