Descubre la opinión de Elías Gargallo sobre nuestro Máster en Coaching Directivo y Liderazgo

Elías Gargallo's testimonial on the Alumni Services

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Elías Gargallo, Head of Business Development at Eurecat and alumni of the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS, shares his opinion on the Alumni Services.

"Embracing lifelong learning enables me to continually adapt to whatever challenges I encounter."


What learnings do you take away from Alumni's services?

One thing I have learnt from the Alumni services is that they work with generosity at it's core. I was particularly struck by the invitation to take part in an Alumni Talk, where I had the chance to share my insights on a topic of my choice and collaborate with a colleague. Our discussion centered around Job Crafting, and the experience left a lasting positive impression on me.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

When I started my studies at OBS, it was more for a matter of curiosity, of wanting to learn more about topics that are not necessary related to my job. That allowed me, once I completed the programme, to change jobs within the same organisation I was working for. It allowed me to move to the European customer experience position. So I realizaed coaching is something I would like to do, I believe this master in coaching will allow me to develop one of the soft skills I was looking for to develop.

What does belonging to the Alumni Community mean to you?

Belonging to the Alumni community, for me, means networking. Being part of the community allows us to meet people who work in different fields and are from differents countries. We are in a world in which we have to be constantly learning, "Lifelong learning" has allowed me to constantly adapt to what is coming and to anticipate what the future holds. Lastly, generosity, sharing and trying to inspire other people with what I do, backed by the people who make Alumni possible too, is very motivating.

Now you know Elías Gargallo's experience with the Alumni services. If you want to know more about Alumni services, do not hesitate to visit the page.