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Ángela Hansz's testimonial about the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service

Descubre la opinión de Ángela Hansz sobre nuestro Workshop de Liderazgo

Ángela Hansz, director and founder of the coaching agency AH!, shares her experience taking part in the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service. Ángela took the Master in Management Coaching and Leadership at OBS Business School. 
"The mentoring has been both valuable and enriching with strong and realistic recommendations. I walked out with a list of concrete actions and steps I can take to improve my CV and my professional profile."


Tell us briefly about you

I am from Uruguay and I am currently studying the Master in Management and Leadership Coaching.
I am an entrepreneur, I run a coaching agency offering support to people from all over the world in their transformation and change journeys (all 100% online).
I am specialized in talent coaching, I help people taking decisions in their work, educational, occupational and professional life. I guide them in the selection and vocational orientation processes based on their personal strengths, skills and interests.
I focus on talent development and leadership. I work with both adolescents and adults.

Why did you decide to join the Professional Profile Diagnosis Serive?

I signed up looking for guidance on my professional profile as I am interested in returning to the corporate world - I would like to start the process of looking for job offers in companies, for which I needed a thorough diagnosis of my CV to understand what my current value proposition is, how to "sell" it and how to present myself in a recruitment and interview process. There has been a change of direction in my case, a professional career move and the search for a job con be even more challenging and complex.

Have you been able to enhance your profile and reach more recruiters?

Yes, absolutely. The guidance provided has been very helpful in understanding what recruiters are looking for, how to access the job market with a good positioning and what improvements my CV needs to make to match the offers I am most interested in. We also identified in which areas I can differentiate myself and how to show that in both my CV and my LinkedIn profile.

What has been your experience with this service?

Very fulfilling. The mentoring has been valuable and enriching with strong and realistic recommendations. I walked out with a list of concrete actions and steps I can take from now on to improve my CV and my professional profile. The communication with the mentor was clear and the suggestions were very specific.

I would recommend it to all those professionals who feel the need to improve their CV and want to transmit their differential skills in order to feel more comfortable and confident to find greater and better professional opportunities.

What has your time at OBS meant to you?

OBS offers the opportunity to improve my professional life in many ways.
Academically, it is clearly the best decision I have made regarding my professional goals.
I am very satisfied with the content of the Master and with the school itself, it is my first experience at OBS and I am convinced that in the future I will choose this school to continue studying other master programmes.
In terms of contacts and networking, it has offered me a huge network of contacts, it has opened me the doors to make strategic alliances with professionals from all over the world and I plan to continue benefiting from every opportunity and service that OBS offers to its students.
I have participated in workshops, bootcamps, masterclasses and other activities offered by the school through its Carreras Profesionales area, outside the curricular programme, and I am grateful to be able to make the most of every proposal that OBS offers to its students and alumni.

Now you know Ángela Hansz's opinion about the Career Services service, Professional Profile Diagnosis. If you want to know more experiences of OBS Business School alumni, do not hesitate to consult them.