Graduación OBS 2023

1.600 attendees at the 2023 OBS Graduation

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More than 2.700 graduates from 43 different countries joined us at this year's event

Imposición de Bandas Graduación 2023

The 2023 OBS Business School Graduation Ceremony took place on Monday, 10th of July at L'Auditori de Barcelona, where we were joined by more than 1,600 attendees. Among them were graduates from 33 different degrees, along with companions, professors, authorities, and many others. Furthermore, the event was streamed on the OBS YouTube Channel, attracting over 10,000 viewers from various corners of the globe.

We were truly honored to share such a special day with our students and the OBS Community. This year, we joyously celebrated the accomplishments of over 2,700 students from 43 countries who graduated from the September 2021, November 2021, February 2022, and May 2022 cohorts.

Quoting Dr. Casilda Güell, Dean of OBS, in her welcome speech: "Today marks an extraordinary day for all of us at OBS, as we acknowledge your remarkable effort and unwavering dedication. We sincerely hope that your experience has been as enriching and unforgettable for you as it has been for us."

"When I discuss business growth, I'm referring to the collective growth of everyone involved—it's a testament to generosity."

At this Graduation Ceremony, we were honored to have an outstanding sponsor, Mr. Santiago García-Nieto Conde, CEO of the Bon Dia Hotels chain. Mr. García-Nieto Conde also serves as the President of the Confederació Empresarial d'Hosteleria i Restauració de Catalunya, Vice-president of Foment del Treball, and Member of the Executive Committee of the CEOE in Spain.

"Few things in life make you as proud as sponsoring talent", Mr. García-Nieto Conde stated, highlighting the significance of generosity in the business realm during his speech. The sponsor shared with the audience some insights gleaned from his extensive career, emphasizing the value of sharing talent to collaborate with associations and groups whose efforts and influence contribute to societal growth. "To travel farther, the journey must always be shared," he remarked. "Let us embody generosity and fairness, for leading with these principles elevates our nobility".

An evening filled with well-deserved recognition

The OBS Graduation Ceremony 2023 also provided an opportunity to honor the outstanding contributions of partnering companies and the dedicated educators who inspire and shape our students every day. Anabel Huelmo, Director of the Consumer Business Unit at DHL Supply Chain Iberia, graciously accepted the Best Company Award and commended the students for their remarkable efforts in her speech.

The celebration of our graduates' achievements was further enriched by the heartfelt words from Professor Mario Sorribas, recipient of the Best Teacher Award. He emphasized the collaborative nature of success, urging everyone to seek out strong teams to create meaningful narratives for a world they wish to inhabit, and one they desire for future generations.

Anai López, honored with the Best Alumni Award, shared poignant sentiments with her peers. She expressed gratitude for the insights, knowledge, and connections gained through their OBS experience, urging them to lead with integrity, responsibility, and passion.

Taking the spotlight next were the representatives of the winning teams of the OBS Talent Awards, an annual recognition bestowed upon the top three Master's Degree Final Projects:

  • 1st: MeetHealth: A centralized and analytical health data system.
  • 2nd: Consultancy Project for the Alquería Business Group
  • 3rd: Blossom

A particularly moving moment of the event was the surprise video montage prepared by family and friends of the graduates, a heartfelt gift that touched the hearts of all in attendance.

Concluding the ceremony, Dr. Óscar Aguer, General Director of OBS Business School, reflected on the significance of this milestone. He remarked that this achievement marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, one filled with new challenges, discoveries, and boundless opportunities. Dr. Aguer expressed pride in sharing this day with everyone present, welcoming them into the OBS Alumni family, which spans over 39,000 professionals worldwide.