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OBS incorporates BrandPro technology in its Master in Branding and Brand Strategy

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Students of the programme will have the new brand strategy tool at their disposal

OBS incorpora la tecnología de BrandPro en su Máster en Branding y Estrategia de Marca

OBS Business School takes a step forward with its student formation integrating the BrandPro simulator in its Master in Branding and Brand Strategy. The implementation of this tool stands for innovation in the introduction of brand strategy concepts in core marketing courses and branding and business strategy. 

The simulator developed by BrandPro is being used in the Advertising and Branding Campaigns module of the programme and it allows students to immerse themselves in the world of brand strategy, market analysis, sales strategies, pricing and distribution in a simulated environment. The tool allows the students to supervise the marketing strategy of 2 brands made up over 5 simulated years.

Some of the simulator features

  • The tool allows the user to manage a company and having with a given marketing budget, learn how best to invest in research and development to position its products and brand in the different segments.
  • It seeks to enable the student to establish a coherent pricing strategy according to what the consumer is willing to pay and the competition offered in the market. Competition is fierce and effectively exploiting market research is a key to success.
  • At the end of each simulated year, it is the company's share price index that will provide students with the overall results.

The incorporation of this new tool reinforces OBS Business School's ongoing commitment towards innovation.