Conoce a Doriela Lozada, alumni del Executive MBA de OBS

Doriela Lozada's testimonial about the Executive MBA

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Doriela Lozada, Regional Sales Manager South America at Panametrics, shares her opinion as an Executive MBA student.

"This program has broadened my perspective on global business management across various sectors".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

Because I was looking for a programme that would broaden my perspective on global business management across various sectors.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

I was drawn to OBS primarily due to its prestigious rankings. While exploring educational options in Spain, the online format stood out as a significant advantage given the demands of my job. Working in a regional capacity across multiple Latin American countries, these studies have enriched my understanding of diverse cultures among my international peers, while also providing valuable insights into the unique business landscapes of each country. Notably, I collaborated with colleagues from El Salvador, Paraguay, Chile, and Peru.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

I'd highlight the financial component, which proved to be empowering despite its complexity. Additionally, collaborating with international colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds has been an enriching and positive experience.

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