No te pierdas la segunda convocatoria del workshop de OBS, Autoliderazgo para liderar en tiempos de incertidumbre

Belén Alonso's testimonial about the Leadership Workshop

Descubre la opinión de Belén Alonso sobre nuestro Workshop de Liderazgo

Belén Alonso, Legal Advisor at SOLTEL Group, shares her experience in the Leadership Workshop. Belén studied the Master in Digital Transformation at OBS. 

"It has been an incredible experience. Reflecting on every aspect of it, from self-evaluation with oneself on how we approach reality, to how we approach ourselves, how we manage the relationships around us, emotions and situations."


Tell us briefly about you

My name is Belén Alonso Cossio and I am from Seville (Spain) and I am starting the Master in Digital Transformation.

Tell us briefly about your career

My name is Belén Alonso Cossio and I am from Seville (Spain) and I am starting the Master in Digital Transformation. I lead a team at the legal department of a digital project.

Why did you decide to join the service?

This workshop met all my expectations - and even exceeded them. It has been an incredible experience, the feeling of not wanting the session to be over, to end each class and reflect upon every aspect that was discussed, to self-evaluate with yourself on how we approach reality, how we approach ourselves, how we manage the relationships around us, emotions, situations, and much more.

Thanks to this service, how have you managed your emotions?

From my perspective, leadership begins with oneself, self-leadership is the ability of knowing yourself, growing, learning and progressing by yourself. When you are a leader, you reflect it on the outside, in your daily life, in your relationships, in your work, among others. This is why there are people who consider themselves to be "more of a leader profile than others" but, in reality, it is because of their ability to lead themselves and, therefore, their ability to lead externally.

During the sessions given by Josep Cosials and Pau Sastre, were you able to identify tools to be more efficient?

Of course, this experience has been so thanks to Josep Cosials and Pau Sastre, they created a welcoming atmosphere in each session, one of listening, of understanding and of group participation. What stands out the most is their desire and their will to transmit so much in such a short time and they have undoubtedly succeeded in doing so in each session.

What has been your experience with this service?

I would definitely recommend this workshop, I have learned something very valuable that will help me in all aspects of my life.

What has your time at OBS ment to you?

I'm grateful to OBS for this opportunity, for offering us this kind of Workshops which make our progress much easier, I'm sure that my time at OBS will undoubtedly be a turning point.

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