Workshop Autoliderazgo en tiempos de incertidumbre

Leadership Workshop

Effective leadership

To achieve new levels of consciousness requires effective leadership models and experiential methodologies to "ignite" them.

At OBS we offer our students and alumni an exclusive workshop on Leadership, the main objective of which is to help you discover the processes of change, the applicable practices behind leadership and the capacity we all have to influence our environment. In addition, you will learn about leadership skills and how they can help you improve your effectiveness by practising the habit of giving and receiving feedback.



This workshop is structured in 4 online sessions of 2 hours each, where the aim is always to have the maximum practical applicability of the knowledge imparted, instructing participants in the use of tools and approaches that they themselves can apply in their professional life

74,3% obtiene un ascenso laboral después del Máster
Provide tools to increase the leadership skills of the participants
20,7% de nuestros alumnos son emprendedores
Learn to generate energy and excitement in complex environments
Sinergias entre alumnos
Empowering impact on others with empathy and connection
Alumnos de OBS Business School
Share learnings from participants' diverse experiences
Herramientas para alumnos de OBS Business School
Develop the ideation and elaboration of a personal action plan

Mauricio Alfredo Paz

Management Consultant and Training Event Facilitator

"I have learned to manage my emotions, to try to be more aware. The essential thing is acting to improve relationships with others and this means accepting ourselves as we are, trying to treat others in a good and better way".


Daniel Zúñiga

Entrepreneur and Operations Manager

"My expectations were exceeded because I was able to learn about the types of leadership, methods, forms and tools that allow me to develop and practice self-leadership. It also allowed me to develop these methods in a practical way.


Maria de Lourdes Mendoza

Economist, Chief Operating Officer at Genworth Financial Mexico

"My expectation was to learn to be a better leader and a better person. I totally agree with Jorge Cuervo, the leader starts with himself and I think the techniques he teaches are very practical, they generate self-discovery and awareness".


Denise Moreno

Lawyer, Psychologist and Human Resources Manager

"It has been a very positive experience because of the dynamic that Josep and Pau give to the spaces, they make it very participative and experiential, and it is very valuable to be able to share with other members of Alumni".


Fernando Aranguren

Sales Manager

"I really liked their positivity and the encouragement they had in all the sessions. They conveyed the idea that leadership development is something we all can and should work on. Their examples and the techniques used have given me an insight into the areas where I need to make progress".


Gema Sánchez

Financial Advisor and Life Coach

"My experience has been very good and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. We are all leaders in some area in our lives. We can all contribute to others and help others in what we are strongest and most gifted in. It's a cross-cutting thing, it's for everyone."


Belén Alonso

Legal Advisor

"It has been incredible experience, to reflect upon every aspect that was discussed, to self-evaluate with yourself on how we approach reality, how we approach ourselves, how we manage the relationships around us, emotions, situations, and much more."



Daniel Iturbe Oliva


"The circular leadership model is very helpful; it enables us to comprehensively address both ends of the spectrum when leading, while also weighing the ensuing consequences. Embracing this innovative approach has not only broadened my perspective but also empowered me to shed preconceived notions about effective leadership".


Lucía Nieto

Senior Manager Digital & IT Business Partner - Digital & IT Senior Project Manager

"The leadership workshop has provided invaluable insights from numerous experts committed to enhancing their leadership skills. It has been truly enriching."


Ángela Hansz

Coach and Consultant

"Understanding my purpose and how to communicate it to my team has been crucial in my experience. Identifying my areas of improvement and mastering them has enabled me to adopt a mindset well-suited for team management".


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