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Lucía Nieto's testimonial about the Leadership Workshop

Descubre la opinión de Lucía Nieto sobre nuestro Workshop de Liderazgo

Lucía Nieto, Senior Manager Digital & IT Business Partner - Digital & IT Senior Project Manager, shares her experience in the Leadership Workshop. She studied the Master in Project Management at OBS. 

"The leadership workshop has provided invaluable insights, not only from Josep and Pau, but also from a myriad of other experts committed to enhancing their leadership skills. Engaging with these individuals throughout the workshop activities has been truly enriching."


Tell us briefly about you

My name is Lucía Nieto, and although I am originally from Galicia, I have been based in Madrid for many years. I first came across OBS Business School when I studied the Master in Project Management. Since then I have not stopped learning in the various workshops and events on leadership, management and coaching which provide me with valid tools for my day-to-day work in the management of people and projects.

Tell us briefly about your career

My current position is Digital & IT Business Partner Senior Manager at Bristol Myers Squibb, but I have always been linked to innovation and digitalisation projects; by working in different positions I have been able to enrich myself in the different perspectives that the development and management of the projects and teams offers.

Why did you decide to join this Leadership Workshop?

I like to work in collaboration with my teams during my daily tasks and a leadership model suits best this approach to my work . When collaborating with adults I don't see the need to force anyone to do their tasks, I like the idea that everyone feels responsible for their own contributions; therefore, I take all the opportunities available to expand my knowledge about the model.

I'm  always open to share and consider different leadership approaches as teams are made up of people. It makes such model dynamic with which comes a negative factor too, given the probabilities of encountering conflicts are very high. In such cases,I personally like the premise that the best way to resolve a conflict is by preventing it, I like to be prepared.

How has this service helped you manage your emotions?

Through this service I have learned even more tools and techniques on how to manage emotions and, above all, to further develop my empathy. In terms of adaptability, I hadn't noticed that I had to make a conscious effort to adapt to the new situation.

During the sessions given by Josep Cosials and Pau Sastre, were you able to identify tools to be more efficient?

The take aways from this leadership workshop have been very enriching, not only ones provided by Josep and Pau, but by all the other experts who strive every day to be better leaders and with whom I have been able to participate in the workshop too. I have had the chance to participate in activities and  gathered advice from all participants, especially on how to handle hard and important issues in everyday work, such as how to give and receive feedback, how to collaborate with teams, and on the Leadership Circle Profile model and mindset.

What has been your experience with this service?

I love this type of service, I wish they were more flexible in their scheduling but apart from that, I would highly recommend it..

What has your time at OBS ment to you?

My time at OBS has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my personal and professional knowledge.

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