La opinion del Máster en Dirección de Comunicación Corporativa de Elodie Guillard

Elodie Guillard's testimonial about the Master in Corporate Communication Management

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Elodie Guillard, who works for Dexma, shares her opinion as a student of the Master in Corporate Communication Management.

Elodie explains how her life has changed thanks to the Master in Corporate Communication Management: "Thanks to this Master, my life has changed completely. I started in Communication and Marketing and when I got the degree I started as a Director in a new company".


Why did you decide to study this Master's degree?

I took the Master in Corporate Communication Management because the company where I was working at the time needed an internal communication department. They didn't have anyone in charge and so I took on this position, but without having the theoretical knowledge, it was a real test. So I discussed it with the company at that time to see if it was possible to study online with OBS Business School and see if it could be combined with the company at the same time and so we went ahead.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS Business School?

Because, when I analysed, obviously, a benchmarking of different schools, the school that had the most appropriate programme and the most in line with what I was already handling in my day-to-day work in the company, was the one that corresponded best; you could talk about corporate communication as well as public relations, crisis management and the more marketing side, and that really combined and fitted in much better with what we were doing in the company.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

For me, the online methodology has a very important benefit when it comes to being able to combine it with your working life. In this case, it helped me a lot to organise or schedule my day-to-day life correctly, combining it with the company in the work I had to do from above, knowing that I was managing the Internal Communication Department and managing with the studies, organising myself with teams, because it was also team work, and that is also true in terms of knowledge of what others contribute to you, you grow even faster, it is an exchange that is much more dynamic. So it helped me a lot in this sense, to be able to combine both student and professional life and to grow in terms of knowledge.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

I developed even more communication skills during the programme. If I already communicated a lot, this helped me a lot to develop and organise my ideas, to be able to plan much better, what the course taught you was to prioritise tasks, to learn to express yourself according to your audience, your target audience, whether it was internal or external. In this sense, it taught me all the basics I needed to be able to better target my final audience.

How has your experience been at OBS?

My experience at the school has been very positive. You could always organise yourself in some way to have contact with the tutor who could help you at any time, who would answer your questions, if you didn't arrive on time because you had been, in my case for example at a particular event and hadn't been able to hand in your work, they communicated, they talked to each other. A fusion, a collaboration of both parties that makes it much easier to combine both things at the same time.

How do you imagine your professional future after your programme?

It really allowed me more than: how I see myself, it is: what it allowed me to achieve. In this case I have grown a lot thanks to this experience, thanks to this Master in Corporate Communication Management, my life changed completely. It is sincere. I mean, I started in Communication and Marketing, but as a Coordinator and when I got the degree, I left the company and started as a director in a new one, thanks to this degree. The change for me was a very important factor to be able to study, get the degree and continue to grow.

What would you say to a person considering studying a Master’s at OBS?

I would honestly say: jump into the water, talk to your coordinators because you also have the possibility to talk to coordinators who, in my case, were very present and have helped me a lot in the process to get to the course before and then during the course with the tutors, with the teachers and of course with the collaborators and students.

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