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Master in Corporate Communication Management

School of Business Administration & Leadership

The Lifelong learning Master’s degree in Corporate Communication Management prepares managers for the future of business communication, offering the students the knowledge and techniques necessary to lead this essential area of the company. This programme also allows students to respond to all the challenges faced by organizations nowadays as it helps them improve on their skills to strengthen the communicate with the stakeholders.

This programme is considered the 2nd best in the category of Business Communication, according to the Ranking of Best Online Masters of El Mundo.

School of Business Administration & Leadership de OBS
Master in Corporate Communication Management (Spanish)
  • 12 months
  • 60 ECTS
  • OCTOBER 2024
  • Online
  • 7500 €
Universitat de Barcelona (UB), partner académico de OBS Business School
Universitat de Barcelona

Get a double degree from our academic partner, the reference university in Catalonia and Spain with more than 560 years of history behind it.

OBS ha recibido la máxima distinción de QS Stars en online learning
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We are the first 100% online Business School in the world to receive the QS Stars rating, obtaining the highest distinction, five QS Stars, in the Online Learning category.

OBS entre las mejores escuelas de negocio online según el ranking de El Mundo
Ranking El Mundo

The Programme has been recognised with the 2nd position in the category of Business Communication in the Ranking of the Best Online Masters in Spain according to the newspaper El Mundo.



    Learn how to build and manage the image and reputation of an institution, applying the most current techniques and tools in synergy with the general objectives of the entire organization.


    Develop managerial skills and discover how to be in charge of any type of situation through the best Public Relations techniques. Generate credibility and build trust among different audiences.


    Acquire the necessary skills to achieve business success through reactive and proactive campaigns. Learn to always act based on the understanding of the internal analysis produced by the company.


    Understand all the phases involved in the communication process and delve into the differences between corporate and commercial communication in order to develop them appropriately according to the context.

Conoce al detalle de los principales objetivos del Máster 100% online de OBS Business School

Syllabus of the Master in Corporate Communication Management

Our program is structured in 3 blocks and culminates with the Master's Thesis. In addition, during the development of the program there will be two voluntary bootcamps and different additional activities.

Block 1. Principles of Corporate Communication
Block 2. The Communication Department in a Company
Block 3. Corporate Communication
Master's Final Project
Bootcamps and Additional Activities

Patrici Tixis
Director of the Programme and Communications Director in Grupo Planeta

1. Principles of Corporate Communication

Socio-economic changes influence the business environment, altering the organization-stakeholder relationships. In this module, we will examine the main trends and how they impact the communication strategy of organizations.

Professor: Patrici Tixis, Communication Director at Grupo Planeta.

The development of communicative skills provides any professional in the field of international and institutional relations greater influence. In this subject, we will work on oratory techniques, spokesperson training and interpersonal communication, as well as the analysis and identification of collateral aspects that make communication smoother and even more effective.

Professor: José Manuel Santamans, Business Development & Marketing Manager at INNdux.

2. The Communication Department in the Company

The term BTL, also known as unconventional advertising, refers to communication actions that do not involve traditional media such as TV, radio, or print media and is a fundamental tool for the DirCom. This module will delve into event planning, from key decision-making to the event's execution.

Professor: Carlos Creuheras, Director of External Relations at Grupo Planeta.

In some organizations, marketing and communication responsibilities are often encompassed in the same department. Despite being related activities with shared objectives, their techniques differ. In this subject, we will explore the activities of a marketing department and its relationship with the communication strategy.

Professor: Miriam Fisas, Founding Partner and Senior Consultant at Arbinger Spain.

The relationship with the media is one of the main activities of DirCom. In this module, we will study how to manage relationships with journalists, their working methods and the various aspects to consider in this complex interaction.

Professor: Joaquín Fernández, Managing Partner at Marlow.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategic asset that generates competitive advantages. Over the last decade, it has become essential to develop corporate management processes subject to CSR parameters, and one of the DirCom's functions is precisely to manage this intangible asset. This subject will delve into topics such as CSR as added value in the company, good and bad applications of CSR, and CSR communication policy, among others.

Professor: Xavier Vilà, Head of Communication Strategies at Fundació Barça.

3. Corporate Communication

The new digital environment, characterized by immediacy and the difficulty of controlling messages, poses a challenge for communication experts. In this module, we will study the characteristics of this new environment, its challenges, how to manage it and the main tracking and measurement tools.

Professor: Nina Arponen, Global Retail Marketing Manager at FootBalance System Ltd.

Internal communication is communication directed at the internal customer, i.e., the employee. It arises in response to the new needs of companies to motivate their human team and retain the best talent in a business environment where change is increasingly rapid. This subject will cover the basic concepts that mark professional action in internal communication, the internal communication plan, and common mistakes in internal communication, among others.

Professor: Jorge Tuñón, Lecturer at Carlos III University of Madrid.

This module will work on storytelling techniques, both for the construction of institutional narratives and for developing action plans capable of generating commitment.

Professor: Mario Sorribas, Head of Storytelling at Storytelling & Co.

Organizations have never been so exposed to external scrutiny, so an increase in crises affecting organizations is foreseeable. In this subject, we will study an action plan to prevent and manage them.

Professor: Albert Gimeno, General Manager at Tinkle Barcelona.

Final Project and Additional Activities

This program is designed to complement the content of the thematic blocks with the necessary training. This includes technical support, personal support and the presentation of individual and group challenges necessary to achieve the objectives set.

Pre-Master Bootcamps

The student will have the opportunity to take 3 Pre-Master Bootcamps that will open progressively and can be taken at any time. Upon completion and passing the course, the student will receive a certificate.
- Bootcamp 1: Personal Branding
- Bootcamp 2: Data Storytelling
- Bootcamp 3: Creative Thinking and Innovation

In addition, students will also have the opportunity to take these pre-master courses; however, these are available only in English:
- Building Your Professional Brand for Employability and Career Success
- Finance Fundamentals

Introductory Workshop | Campus Training

Before the start of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to attend an introductory workshop where they will be provided with the tools and knowledge necessary for the correct use of the Campus, the platform used during the academic year.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Two weeks before the start of the academic year, the student can participate in a professional development program where they will work hand in hand with a teacher on the development of various skills such as time management, productivity, stress management and emotional intelligence. Once the workshop is completed, the student will receive a certificate.

The point of the Master’s thesis is for the students to apply all the concepts learned during the programme to carry out a comprehensive communication plan.

  1. Purpose of a Communication Plan
  2. Elements of the Communication Plan
  3. Establishing monitoring and control systems
  4. Implementation and tutoring of the final project

Professor: Patrici Tixis, Communication Director at Grupo Planeta.

The Master in Corporate Communication Management is complemented by conferences, bootcamps and seminars held throughout the programme. These additional activities are conducted by recognized professionals in business management who present their experiences and practical cases through video conferences.

Bootcamp: Identity and Brand Construction

Throughout this bootcamp, the student will acquire the basic notions, from a theoretical-practical point of view, that will guide them in the brand construction process.

Professor: Ramón Morancho, Lecturer at Ramon Llull University.

Company Visits

During the program's development, students will have the opportunity to attend synchronous video conferences conducted by professionals who are experts in the program's area and who share their experience and provide best practices in the sector.


Most of the training is conducted asynchronously, i.e., the exchange of knowledge is done through a platform that allows sharing written texts without the need for people to be connected at the same time. Additionally, synchronous sessions or 'webinars' are organized in each module, where all participants are connected at the same time through an application, allowing the exchange of knowledge in 'real-time'.

Students who complete the Master in Corporate Communication Management will have the opportunity to prepare for the Scrum Certification (Product Owner & Scrum Master).


La metodología Student ON de OBS se centra en el estudiante impulsando su desarrollo profesional en un entorno 100% online

OBS has an online methodology where the core is the student. Always backed by active and internationally renowned lecturers, who share their knowledge to enhance the professional development of students through a flexible, collaborative method with personalised monitoring. The aim is to create a unique educational experience that allows the assimilation of knowledge in a practical way.

Student ON's fundamental pillar is the student and, for this reason, throughout the course students have their Programme Manager, an academic figure who accompanies them in a personalised way.


After successfully finishing the Master's degree, and having completed the relevant procedures, you will receive the Master's degree from OBS Business School. In addition, and provided that you meet the established academic and administrative requirements, you will obtain a Lifelong learning Master's degree from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

In order to obtain it, you must have a university degree. In the exceptional case of not having this degree and having passed the Master's evaluations, you will obtain a Higher University Diploma from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

At OBS Business School we are committed to having our own degree, which allows us to quickly update and adapt the programmes in each edition to be at the forefront of the educational level demanded by companies today. Our programmes are designed for professionals who want to strenghten their management skills and learn through an international experience.


Con los MBAs y Másters online de OBS podrás obtener una doble titulación

Admission Process

The fundamental aim of our admissions process is to ensure the suitability of candidates. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop long-term relationships with classmates, faculty and alumni.

After completing the application form for one of our programmes, you will receive an e-mail with information about the School and a member of the Admissions Department will contact you to start the admission process. Once you have successfully passed the personal interview, you must submit all the required documentation to continue the admission process and certify that you meet the requirements of the student profile. After the Admissions Committee, if it is positive, you will be able to register and enrol in the programme you have applied for.

Infórmate sobre los pasos del proceso de admisión de los Másters online de OBS

Student Profile

Our students from the Master in Corporate Communication Management want to take a step further in their professional careers in the area of brand communication:

Student profile of the Master in Corporate Communication Management at OBS Business School
"Thanks to this Master, my life changed completely. I started in Communication and Marketing and after graduating I started as a Director in a new company".
Elodie Guillard
Master in Corporate Communication Management