Descubre la opinión de Jorge Ciudad sobre nuestro Máster en Dirección de Comunicación Corporativa

Jorge Ciudad's testimonial about the Master in Corporate Communication Management

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Jorge Ciudad shares his opinion as a student of the Master in Corporate Communication Management.

"The Master prepared us to understand new trends and be able to anticipate and make decisions in the face of uncertainties as big as AI".

Why did you decide to study this Master?

I did this Master because we have to understand that times are moving quickly, which means you have to be riding the crest of the wave, at the cutting edge, professionally, and understand and predict new trends. What this Master's has done is to prepare us and turn us into professionals who can make decisions in the face of uncertainties as significant as AI.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

I choose to do a digital Master's as it gives you the chance to meet at work with different cultures. We all have very different characters and being able to mke them all work in a work group is a massive challenge. But you learn from yourself, from others, and from the art of the subject that you're studying.

What would you say to a person considering studying a Master’s at OBS?

If you feel like you're stuck, if you feel you're stalling at the company you work at and with new tools you can make a change in digital transformation, sign up with OBS.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

I've learnt to work with other cultures, that a professional's responsability isn't just to follow plans, it's to make suggestions to be proactive, and I think OBS provides those tools very welll with its online programmes.

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