Karen Eyzaguirre - Alumni del Máster en Dirección de Comunicación Corporativa

Karen Eyzaguirre's testimonial about the Master in Corporate Communication Management

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Karen Eyzaguirre, a journalist and public relations officer who currently serves as the Communications and Press Director at Municipalidad de las Condes in Chile, shares her thoughts as a student of the Master in Corporate Communications Management.

"The Master's program really expanded my skill set, especially in how I approach communication. With input from experienced professors and the camaraderie of classmates from all over the world, I've learned to see communication campaigns in a whole new light. It's like having a fresh pair of eyes on how to connect with people effectively".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

I studied the Master in Corporate Communication Management basically because I wanted to specialise, I wanted to be able to have a more powerful career where I could combine my two areas of journalism and public relations, be able to complement both and have a specialisation in the area of communications.

Why did you choose to study it at OBS?

I chose to study at OBS Business School, because the double degree was very important to me, I think it is very important to have an official degree from the University of Barcelona that provides you with an academic endorsement. OBS also gave me the opportunity to have classes in a 100% non-attendance way, not being online at a specific time, but rather being very flexible with my time; in other words, I finished my work and then at night I could basically take the courses and hand in the assignments. The deadlines, the teachers and the curriculum were also great and that's why I decided to study at OBS.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

The methodology at OBS is very practical and flexible, mainly because it allows you to connect to the classes at your own time, whenever you are available and the best thing is that you hand in assignments and they are open to adapt according to your schedule and your availability.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

The Master's helped me to acquire different skills, among them to be able to develop the area of communications using a different approach, from a different perspective, taking into consideration all the subjects and all the experience of the professors and beyond that, the support of having colleagues from other countries helps you today to get to know and work in a different way on the communications campaigns that you can carry out.

How has your experience been at OBS?

My experience with the OBS Business School team was very good. I must say that they were always available and answered all my emails immediately, regardless of the timetable because being from Chile, we are 6 hours away from Spain, but they were always very willing to help me and that is something you appreciate 100% when you are studying remotely.

How do you see your professional future now that you've completed the programme?

How do I imagine my professional future now that I have finished the programme? Essentially, I think it is a great advantage to have a Master in Corporate Communication Management. I see that I have more possibilities to have new jobs, to be able to teach and I believe this Master's to be the best in the area of Communication.

What would you say to someone considering studying at OBS?

The advice I would give to people wanting to study at OBS Business School is to do it, you won't regret it. It is an institution that gives you very good tools and the flexibility to be in one country or another at the same time, with teachers who really have the patience and also have incredible knowledge, who help you to complete your assignments on a daily basis. And besides that, the amount of reading and support material to help you develop as a professional is something you won't find anywhere else.

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