Descubre la opinión de la exalumna Frida Melgar sobre el Máster en innovación y emprendimiento

Frida Melgar's testimonial about the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Frida Melgar, Director of Further Education at Toulouse Lautrec, shares her opinion as a student of the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

"This Master's has definitely been very enriching and it has allowed us to break the schemes in which we had been working, to realise that there are infinite possibilities to develop new projects".


Why did you decide to study this Master?

I am a social communicator and journalist, since I finished my studies I have always wanted to pursue a master's degree. It was the first time I studied online, I realised that the school was very well known worldwide for offering online programmes, so I decided to take the plunge and it has been a wonderful experience. It has allowed me, apart from enriching my knowledge, to formalise the knowledge I already had, and to meet new people who are in different parts of the world, such as my classmates: one is in Mexico, the other in Argentina, the other in Spain and the other Peruvian, in Paris. So being able to learn about communication from their point of view also allowed me to broaden my vision regarding communication.

How has your experience been with your colleagues?

Among my colleagues, I found one who had developed professional projects before. However, I think it has been extremely interesting and very rich to be able to meet people from Peru and other countries, who each within their own culture and professional responsibilities have contributed to my training and I have been able to take advantage of and capitalise on all that experience.

What would you say to someone who claims they don't have time to study?

Professional and personal life are not necessarily separated, as we are whole beings. The fact that you have professional responsibilities and personal responsibilities and personal time does not have to leave aside the educational aspect. It all contributes to being the people we are today. If you love what you are doing professionally, then you will perform it well and it will be seamlessly integrated into your personal life. How you are at the workplace, it is the same on a personal level. The way you perform in your personal field, it will be carried over to your professional field.

What do you think education will look like in the 22nd century?

Education in the 22nd century has yet to be created, as what we currently perceive as education is definitely no longer going to exist. Technology will be at its' core. The other day in an innovation workshop I was imagining: the education of the 22nd century, for example,should allow for teachers be taken to rural areas through holograms, that people can discover that they can create new projects, that they can develop through research, through technology, that they can create new things to help their communities. It's totally different from what we might call education today.

What have you learned from this Master?

This master's degree has definitely been very enriching and has allowed us to break the schemes by which we had been working and to know that there are infinite possibilities to develop new projects.

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