Conoce la opinión de Lorena Zambrano, exalumna del Máster en Dirección de Marketing y Gestión Comercial de OBS

Lorena Zambrano's testimonial about the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management

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Lorena Zambrano, Marketing Executive at Banco del Pacifico with more tham 20 years of experience in the field, shares her opinion as a student of the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management.

"I foresee a promising professional journey ahead, where I will leverage the knowledge gained from my education to drive growth and explore opportunities, potentially across international borders. I anticipate a future filled with positive experiences, enriched by the invaluable education I received at OBS Business School."


Why did you decide to study this Master?

I studied the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management as I was looking for professional growth given all the changes that have occurred as a result of the digital transformation, the acceleration of the Internet and the changing and evolving nature of marketing communications. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to me to take this master's to reinforce my knowledge and apply it in my professional day. 

Why did you decide to study this Master?

I chose OBS Business School because I compared other options I found and the school was a good fit in terms of its curriculum, teachers' profiles, their trajectory and personal recommendations.

What benefits does the online methodology has for you?

The online methodology has many benefits and for me the flexibility of schedules, being able to combine work, personal and student life is the main one. Also, being online gives you the opportunity to record the classes or even have a meeting with my classmates across the world.

What skills have you developed throughout the programme?

Self-discipline above all as we need our space and be organised not only for yourself, but also for your colleagues as you also learn to work in a team with people from other countries who also had to connect with each other. Through the Master I also developed my understanding of empathy, you have to comprehend that the other person also has a job, a family and we had to find the time and balance. These skills are skills that I developed during the whole programme. 

How has your experience been at OBS?

My experience at the school has been quite good. The teachers were amazing, professional, supportive and always ready to answer your questions, even after they had finished their module. 

How do you imagine your professional future now that you have finished?

I imagine my professional future very bright; applying all the knowledge I have learnt, growing and continuing, perhaps, learning or applying the knowledge in another country. I see it full of positive things thanks to having studied the Master's at OBS Business School. 

What would you say to a person considering studying at OBS?

To a person who wants to study at OBS Business School I would say go for this programme. Any of the programmes are quite good. I have colleagues who have taken other masters and they are very happy with them. I would recommend it 100%, enjoy it, make the most of it, and be confident that you are going to do very well. 

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