Descubre la opinión del exalumno de OBSJohn Reyes sobre el Máster en Dirección de Operaciones e Innovación

John Reyes' testimonial about the Master in Strategic Operations and Innovation Management

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John Reyes, explains his opinion as a student of the Master in Strategic Management of Operations and Innovation at OBS.

"It seamlessly integrated practical applications with theoretical learning. It went beyond just theoretical discussions or video conferences; the hands-on assignments and follow-up were particularly enriching. The support and guidance provided by the teachers during the follow-up were invaluable aspects of the experience."

Why did you decide to study this Master?

I chose to pursue this master's program to complement my technical expertise with administrative skills, gain a deeper understanding of supply chain dynamics, and explore the technologies utilized in business management. My decision to study at OBS was influenced by recommendations from several friends who graduated from the program in 2018. OBS is renowned for its robust support system, which further solidified my choice.

Have you been able to develop new skills during the Master?

One of the key skills I was keen on developing was the ability to effectively manage personnel and enhance my understanding of company management and financial acumen. I sought to broaden my perspective beyond my specific area of expertise. One module that particularly resonated with me was "The Fresh Connection," a simulation involving a fictitious company. Participating in this project was incredibly rewarding and provided valuable insights into real-world business scenarios.






What did you think of the Student ON Methodology?

The program effectively blended theory with practical application, providing a fulfilling learning experience. The interactive video conferences, assignments, and follow-up support were particularly rewarding. The attentive follow-up from teachers was pivotal; from the moment of enrollment, having a designated contact person who provided guidance and resources made the process seamless. Teachers remained accessible and kept us informed throughout. Moreover, the adherence to accurate timetables was commendable; any deviations were communicated with a generous 15-day notice, allowing for effective planning.




Would you recommend OBS?

One of my colleagues at work is currently enrolled in a Human Resource Management program. Additionally, a friend from university, with whom I graduated, reached out to me for information. I provided her with the contact details, and she is now progressing through her third module. Based on these experiences, I would definitely recommend the program again!

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