La opinión de Jorge Amado sobre el Máster en Dirección Estratégica de Operaciones e Innovación de OBS

Jorge Amado's testimonial about the Master in Strategic Operations and Innovation Management

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Jorge Amado, Senior Business Executive at SERES (Docaposte Group) in Peru, gives us his opinion as a student of the Master in Strategic Management of Operations and Innovation at OBS.

Jorge tells us that "Opportunities definitely expand globally due to the network of contacts offered by the Master's and Alumni. This has allowed me to grow professionally, climb to positions in companies and be able to develop professionally."


Why did you decide to study this Master's degree?

I had been doing a thorough search of opportunities and options that could be given in the market about masters, I was very clear that it had to be in Spain and the doubt was to do it face-to-face or virtual, since for me it has always been a little more preferable to do it face-to-face but I did not rule out the other possibility. When I saw the opportunity to do it at OBS, which suddenly had the backing of Grupo Planeta and in the end obtain a degree from the University of Barcelona, which has a history at an academic level and a track record for the quality of its graduates and its teachers, then this convinced me to choose this academic offer and finally achieve my goals. With this goal in mind, I am now a Master's graduate and I am very grateful for everything I have been able to gather along the way and I am very happy about it.

Have the expectations you had before starting the Master been fulfilled?

Yes, the opportunities are definitely expanding not only in Peru, but also globally because of the network of contacts that Alumni give me, which has allowed me to grow professionally and move up the ladder in terms of positions in companies and to be able to develop professionally. This is one of the main objectives that I want to develop and contribute my experience, academic and professional knowledge to the positions I find myself in from now on.

Would you recommend the OBS Business School Masters?

A great choice for individuals who wish to pursue a distance learning master's degree, but have limited time and cannot travel to another country, is to consider OBS as an option. OBS is highly regarded and has been operating in a thriving market for over 10 years. It presents a valuable opportunity. Additionally, it is crucial to take decisive action if you decide to pursue this path, as it will yield results in the end.

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