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Alba Ortiz' testimonial on the Alumni Services

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Alba Ortiz, Inbound Specialist at InBound Cycle and alumni Master in Project Management at OBS, shares her opinion on the Alumni Services.

"Belonging to the Alumni Community has provided me with numerous opportunities. One of the most valuable offerings is the chance to engage in cycles of continuous training, which is crucial for keeping our profiles updated and relevant"


What learnings do you take away from Alumni's services?

I recently participated in the Employability Cycle offered by the Alumni community and I found that I have gained very practical learning to apply in my day-to-day work in order to improve my employability in order to get a better job. Whether it is to improve our personal brand, or to update our CVs and LinkedIn profile thoroughly. What struck me the most was ML Cobián's talk, when he was talking about the Ikigai and how important it is to know what you want to do in life and where you want to go before you can work on your personal brand. It is a reflection that I had never done before and it also invited me to think deeply about the path that must be taken in order to improve your personal brand.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

The Master's in Project Management has provided me with a lot of theoretical knowledge as well as a lot of practical knowledge. I was working in project management in a very organic way and I realised that I needed the whole PMP base. Everything that in the end contributes to knowledge in theory has enabled me to apply all the teachings in my current job, to improve the project management office that we have in the company. In addition, having a Master's from a school like this improves my employability and in the future it will allow me to improve professionally.

What does belonging to the Alumni Community mean to you?

Belonging to the Alumni Community has meant a lot of opportunities for me. It offers us the opportunity to participate in cycles, which are continuous training. It is important to update our profile, to improve our role in the market and the opportunity to connect with other professionals,  networking is very important for our career.

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