Descubre la opinión de Cesar Paredes sobre nuestro Alumni Welcome

Cesar Paredes' testimonial about the Alumni Welcome 2023

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Cesar Paredes, alumni of the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at OBS, shares his opinion on the Alumni Welcome 2023 held in Barcelona, Spain.

"I would describe the experience at OBS as a multicultural journey enriched by high-quality online education."


What was in your opinion the highlight of this event?

What I found most enjoyable about this event was finally meeting face-to-face with colleagues whom we've been collaborating with virtually. It's been a great opportunity to expand our network of contacts!

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

I've had the chance to connect with professionals with extensive and enriching experiences in their fields. This not only expands our network of contacts but also grants insights into the practices and challenges within their respective companies, which I can then apply to my own endeavors.

How has your experience been at OBS?

I would describe the experience at OBS as a multicultural journey coupled with high-quality online education.

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