Descubre la opinión de Edwin Valdez sobre nuestro Alumni Day Colombia

Edwin Valdez' testimonial about the Colombia Alumni Day

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Edwin Valdez, alumni of the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at OBS, shares his opinion on the Colombia Alumni Day

"My experience with OBS at this event exceeded my expectations by far. It truly has been a very good and rewarding event, and I've truly enjoyed meeting people from different fields"

What was in your opinion the highlight of this event?

The presentation shed light on diverse facets of innovation, emphasizing that not all innovations need to be groundbreaking to be valuable. It underscored the possibility of venturing into entrepreneurship without needing a radically original idea. Moreover, it highlighted the feasibility of maintaining our current jobs while simultaneously pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

One aspect that stands out to me about the professionals I've encountered at this event is their diverse backgrounds spanning various fields. Our interactions have been rich with idea exchange and discussions covering a wide array of topics, making the experience immensely fulfilling. Personally, as someone entrenched in the industrial sector, it's particularly rewarding to witness the collective drive towards innovation within our field.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

My experience surpassed all my expectations by far. It truly has been a great and rewarding experience, and I've loved meeting people from all over the world and with different backgrounds.

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