Dos alumnas se saludan en el Alumni Welcome 2023
Alumni Welcome 2023

Alumni Welcome

Growing together

The Alumni Welcome is one of the school's main events, since this is where we welcome all recent graduates to the Alumni Community. On this special day, which takes place in Barcelona, we promote networking among all attendees through talks and activities in order to live an enriching professional and personal experience while sharing the benefits of being part of this large international network of more than 39.000 alumni.

Sinergias entre alumnos
Get reunited with with colleagues
icono profesionales
Enhances professional networking
Conexión entre alumnos
Live and share experiences
21% de nuestros alumnos son emprendedores
Empower knowledge exchange

International network

Participa en las Charlas de los Clubs Alumni 2022

During the event, we provide the opportunity for all attendees to generate professional connections and meet the members of the different Alumni Clubs. At OBS we have 8 Alumni Clubs spread around the world and led by alumni who share the common goal of maximizing the possibilities of continuous development and boosting the synergies generated by this community. Through these groups, different events and activities are organized with special guests.


"There's a before and an after OBS; it gave me the opportunity to launch my own company"
Cristina Sotelo
Master in Coaching Management and Leadership
"OBS, once just a digital experience, is now a tangible reality"
Edgar Ruiz
Master in International Business Management
It has afforded me the opportunity to engage in what I love and am deeply passionate about.  
Alisson Paredes
Master in Branding and Brand Strategy

Discover the Alumni Community

Conoce todas las ventajas de formar parte de la Comunidad Alumni de OBS

Do you want to enhance your professional development and promote your networking through a network of more than 39.000 Alumni?

Discover all the benefits of being part of the OBS Business School Alumni Community and participate in our events and activities.