Descubre la opinión de Alisson Paredes sobre nuestro Alumni Welcome

Alisson Paredes' testimonial about the Alumni Welcome 2023

We are OBS

Alisson Paredes, alumni of the Master in Branding and Brand Strategy at OBS, shares her thoughts on the Alumni Welcome 2023 held in Barcelona, Spain.

"OBS has given me the opportunity to do what I love and what I'm truly passionate about. Now I am starting my fashion venture and I am extremely proud of it".

What do you think was the highlight of the event?

What I enjoyed the most about the event was getting to share my experience with so many people from all around the world in an international city such as Barcelona. Interacting with other professionals has allowed me to grow and broaden my knowledge in many different ways.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

My main takeaway was that the experts experience really reflected the topics highlighted during the talk: leadership as the power of thinking out of the box. The importance of not only believing that you are capable of doing something, but the act of doing it and taking the first step.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

OBS has allowed me to do what I love and what I am passionate about. I am currently starting my fashion venture and I am extremely proud of it.

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