Descubre la opinión de Fernanda Bravo sobre nuestro Alumni Day España

Fernanda Bravo's testimonial about the Spain Alumni Day

We are OBS

Fernanda Bravo, alumni of the Master in Project Management at OBS, shares her opinion on the Alumni Day held in Spain.

"My experience at OBS has enabled me to see the broader spectrum of professionals and the various disciplines that ultimately guide us toward pursuing a master's degree."


What do you think was the highlight of the event?

I would emphasize the relevance of the topics discussed. I find it essential to contextualize knowledge, and at this event, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into the current situation in Spain.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

After college, I went through a prolonged period without enrolling in any further studies. My experience at OBS has broadened my perspective on professionals and various disciplines. At this event, I've enhanced my professional network by meeting a diverse range of individuals with whom I can engage in meaningful conversations outside of the typical work environment.

How has your experience been at OBS?

It's been an inspiring experience that has connected me with various initiatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals pursuing careers in globally renowned institutions.

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